New Year New Mill

KPs Custom Milled Redwood is excited to announce a new addition to the crew in Piercy. After a long wait we are receiving the first pieces of our new Wravor 1250AC horizontal bandsaw sawmill. After relying on smaller “mobile mills” for the past 11 years, KP has decided the company and the crew needed a modern solution to expand our production capability. The Wravor comes with strong computer and mechanical systems to make our entire process easier on the crew and their bodies. Streamlined milling means more great redwood to send out to Northern California Customers.

Wravor is based in Slovenia using high quality steel from the booming fabrication industry in the country. Sold through Bailey’s in Woodland, CA they have quickly developed a great reputation among mill owners and sawyers. Due to the world economy and slow shipping times we are beginning set up eleven months later than hoped, so there is a lot of built up anticipation to get going and growing with our new toy. This mill comes with extremely user friendly controls, making calculations fast and training easy. We can now handle trees up to 49” in diameter, massively expanding the custom options we provide and allowing us to process big logs faster.

We look forward to all the big changes this mill will bring to our process of providing high quality redwood lumber at great prices for years to come!

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