Generations of Experience

Our Story

Our company’s founder, Kelly Paine (KP), has over 25 years experience in and around redwood logging and milling. He’s worked all positions from choke-setter to mill owner today. In 2012, KP opened his first redwood mill in Garberville, California – KP’s Custom Milled Redwood. For a while he was a one man show that focused on selling small, specialty redwood orders through out southern Humboldt County. Today, that same mill has grown to be a ten person operation sawing and selling a wide variety of redwood dimensions and grades through out Northern and Central California.

In 2020, KP & wife/co-owner, Gina Paine, had the dream to expand their business to Sonoma County with the mission to make affordable, sustainable redwood more accessible to residents of the North Bay Area. With the help of oldest son, Levi Paine, and (future) daughter in law, Caitlin Rickard, KP & Sons Custom Redwood opened warehouse doors April 1st, 2021.

Levi’s now 11 years of experience working alongside and learning from KP made him the perfect person to be our General Manager. His knowledge helps our customers bring their ideas to life. Caitlin’s background in sales and eagerness to learn solidified her role as Office Manager.

Today, the drive-through warehouse stocks a variety of redwood dimensions and grades – fencing, decking, beams, timbers, reclaimed split rails & posts, custom dimensions, etc. While stored in the warehouse, our lumber is protected from all of the elements ensuring it’s of the highest quality and durability when sold.

What isn’t available in store can be directly ordered from the mill and available for pickup or delivery within two weeks, even custom orders!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Today, as a Licensed Timber Operator, KP frequently logs from his property in Larabee, Ca – the same property his grandfather logged in the 40’s. Although privately owned, there are many precautionary steps taken to ensure that how and where we log falls is in line with California’s strict environmental regulations. The Forest Practice Act, enacted in 1973, ensures that logging is done in a manner that will preserve and protect our fish, wildlife, forests and streams. The State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection enforces additional rules that protect these resources and Cal Fire ensures that private landowners abide by these laws when harvesting trees. A Timber Harvesting Plan (THP) is a set of environmental review documents that are submitted by landowners to Cal Fire outlining what timber they have selected, how it will be harvested and the precautionary steps that will be taken to prevent damage to the surrounding forest. THP’s are prepared by Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) who are licensed to prepare these comprehensive, detailed plans. Cal Fire will follow up on approved THP’s through site inspections and has the power to shut down whole operations and fine RPF’s, Licensed Timber Operators (LTO’s), and landowners.

In addition to logging from Larabee, KP & Gina purchase logs from local harvesting plans and frequently from Usal Redwood Forest Company. Usal’s mission is, “To acquire, protect, restore and manage Redwood Forest Foundation’s forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there”. Choosing to purchase logs from Usal is just one more step KP & Gina take to ensure that the redwood they mill and sell comes from a source that has the same environmental awareness and goals that they do.

KP & Gina’s careful consideration of their environmental impact and their mission to make redwood a sustainable resource has received attention from the Institute for Sustainable Forestry (ISF) who conducted a tour of their mill in June of 2021. ISF was formed in 1991 to promote sustainable forest management that ultimately contributes to the long-term ecological, economic, and social well-being of forest based communities in the Pacific Northwest. It was a huge honor to have them showcase the mill as an example of what sustainable logging and milling can look like.

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