Fencing & Decking

We carry a wide variety of high quality redwood fencing and decking as well as custom dimensions like 2×3, 3×5, 5×7, etc. All of our lumber is going to be rough-sawn, untreated and milled from recently harvested logs.

  • Available in Nominal & Full Dimensions

  • Width up to 24″ | Length up to 25′

  • Available Grades: Con Common, Con Heart, Clear Common & Clear All Heart

    * Clear redwood will require a longer milling time

Beams & Timbers

We have the ability to produce large dimensions including beams and timbers. Whether you need a common size like 6×6 or something more specialized like 5×8 or 14×14,  we’ve got you covered!

  • Available in Nominal & Full Dimensions

  • Available Dimensions: 4″x4″ to 24″x24″

  • Available Grades: Con Common, Con Heart, Clear Common & Clear All Heart

Custom Redwood

Having trouble finding a local vendor that carries custom dimensions? Looking for great quality redwood to complete your project? Look no further! We can help bring your idea to life and have the materials for it available for pick up within two weeks. No need to waste money or time buying extra material just to cut it down yourself!

  • Tom Vinci with Bellevue Burl – Our go to craftsmen for sanding, staining and finishing redwood pieces. 

  • Irene Turner with Sonoma Style – Our go to designer for custom redwood furniture as well as interior redwood features. 

Unique Finds

We are always keeping an eye out for unique and beautiful redwood pieces because that kind of material can lead to some of our most stunning projects. If we can’t produce what you need, we would love to help you find someone who can!

  • Reclaimed Split Rails & Posts 

  • Second Growth Slabs

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